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----  The Lost Army Code of Conduct  ----

Welcome to The Lost Army!

In our quest to recruit doughty and doughy Hobbits, smelly and swarthy Dwarves, snooty and effete Elves, and hardy and daring Women and Men, the Officers and Members of TLA are glad to have you as a member of our team. Before we dive in and start hunting balrogs together, here is some basic information to ease your transition into our illustrious kinship.

Joining TLA
To join The Lost Army:
1) Contact any Officer to be invited as a Recruit... we've learned to 'Recruit first, ask questions later'
2) Recruits can only be promoted to Member by completing each of the following:
- register on using your MAIN character name
- submit a brief application in the "Apply for Membership" forum
- remain a Recruit in TLA for 2-3 weeks
- earn the approval of THREE Officers who will vote twice a month

This process gives the new recruit and kinship time to become acquainted and determine whether we’re a good fit for each other. The more often you group, chat, and interact with kinship members, the sooner you are likely to be elevated to membership status.

New Members
Once promoted, we would also ask you to visit the TLA Member Info Forum and tell us a little bit about yourself. The Lost Army is an active community and we look forward to getting to know you. In the case where you have multiple characters in TLA, we ask that you update your player note in the Social Panel to indicate your primary Toon.

Formed during the early days of Beta in Lord of the Rings Online, TLA has a rich tradition on Silverlode being one of the oldest kinships on the server. Many of our current Officers and Members, among the best players in the game, have been in TLA from the beginning. During this time, we have achieved numerous "Firsts" on this server, from killing the fell dragon Thorog in Helegrod, to being killed by the balrog, Thaurlach, in The Rift. As the crossing of the Great River Anduin awaits, much history remains to be made!

Behavior and Attitude
Our Purpose is to have fun and support each other through shared knowledge, play time, and resources. First and foremost; this is just a game, and nothing accomplished in this game is worth tearing another down.

We expect a basic level of decency both in game and out. We are all friends here, and among friends there will be joking, teasing and other potentially offensive comments. We should all be careful to not cross the line into personal insults. At the very least, treat others in the same way that you would want to be treated yourself. This includes not only respect for other players, but respect for the developers and the rules that they have set up over the game. In the past, TLA has worked closely with Turbine's developers, so you never know who's listening!

Finally, although TLA is a community of (mostly) adult men and women, please try to keep our open communication on Kinchat and Vent civil, decent, and non-controversial. Traditionally, TLA has always tried to avoid debates about politics and religion, and while expletives do happen, especially in the heat of battle, please remember that excessive swearing, abusive, and sexist language on Vent or Kinchat will be actively discouraged. If you frequently need to jettison a few f-bombs, feel free on our "Edge of the Wild" vent channel.

There are a number of methods available for communicating, and players can accomplish more using these tools. Even if unable or unwilling to talk over voice communication, you are encouraged to listen in as most members use voice chat during grouped events. While not wanting to exclude those who limit themselves to text chat only, we find speaking directly to each other to be highly convenient. Whether using voice chat or text, please introduce yourself and participate in our community.

Voice Communication
The in-game chat utility is okay for smaller grouping functions, but we prefer to use a separate chat client which provides more options and improved clarity. Currently Ventrilo [vent] is used by many players for voice communication. Please install the Ventrilo client, available for free from; []

Once installed, you will find the login info here:

Helping Kinmates
We are primarily comprised of mature players from all around the globe. In-game we generally focus on endgame events. One of our basic purposes of is to create a support network for each member. While we expect that a priority be given to their request if a member needs help completing a quest or goal, this is not a requirement that everything be dropped at a moment's notice. All should realize that there may not be someone readily available to give aid.

Each persons contribution to the kinship in time or resources are not tracked; however we hope that members will not ask for more then they are willing to give themselves. Before asking for help with a difficult or time consuming activity, please ensure you are prepared to see that activity through to the end as to not waste your kinmate's efforts.

Player vs. Player: The Ettenmoors
Though TLA rarely organizes kinship outings for PvP, there are many members who participate in the Ettenmoors area. TLA is Freep/Creep friendly but discourages "Flipping". Flipping is if you're playing on the losing side, then logging out and re-logging in to aid the opposing/winning side.

Event Sign-Ups and Tardiness
Members who sign up for an event will have a secured spot for that event. In the case where a person fails to show on time, the event leader may assign that position to another who signed up as a standby. If all persons are accounted for and open positions remain, the event leader will check in kin chat/channel to determine if other members would like to participate. Assuming positions are still available, the raid leader may then invite from friend’s lists or make a general LFF announcement.

Sharing / Loot
When in a group, the needs of our members come before monetary gain. This means either passing on items that you cannot use, or making it clear that anything you do not need is available to someone who can use that item.
There are many valuable resources / items in the game, and anything that you can spare will likely be appreciated by another kinmate. You are not required to give everything away for free, though would encourage at least giving fellow members an opportunity to trade / buy at a reasonable price.

TLA Raid Loot Rules
A) These Loot Rules only apply to raids lead by a TLA Officer. If in doubt, ask the Raid Leader at the beginning of the raid.
B) TLA maintains the tradition that when duplicate drops occur (two gems for Rift Gloves, for example) the highest and LOWEST rolls will win.
C) A "raid" is the same set of raid locks, even over multiple days, until they reset.
D) Everyone in a raid can roll on any item drop:
      1) Except explicitly Class-specific gear for a different class (only Minstrels should be rolling on Silver-Voice gear, for example)
      2) Except BoA Epic Gear gems or Major Quest items (Zaudru's Crimson Mandible, for example) that the toon has already won.
      3) Except that a player can only win:
           a) ONE Epic Gear gem, Major Quest item, OR random Teal/Legendary item per DAY.
           b) ONE Epic Gear gem OR Major Quest item per RAID
4) If an Epic Gear gem, Major Quest item, OR random Teal/Legendary item is not NEEDED by anyone in the raid, it can be assigned without counting towards the above policies.

For example: Lucko the Lucky Minstrel heads off to the Rift, and the very first mob drops a Silver-Voice Robe, a teal Minstrel-specific BoE drop. Lucko and the other Minstrels get first dibs. If Lucko rolls and wins, he cannot roll on any other Epic Gear gem, Major Quest item, OR random Teal/Legendary item that day, so he passes, as do all the other Minstrels. So EVERYONE in the raid is free to roll, and Lucko the Lucky Minstrel still wins! Because of #4 above, he is still free to roll on any other drops, and later the same day wins his Rift Gloves. Only now is Lucko the Lucky Minstrel ineligible for any further Epic Gear gem, Major Quest item, OR random Teal/Legendary items. On Day 2, now eligible only for random Teal/Legendary items, Lucko the Lucky Minstrel rolls on Gilechor, a random Teal bracelet, and wins again! Once again, Lucko the Lucky Minstrel is now ineligible for any further Epic Gear gem, Major Quest item, OR random Teal/Legendary items.

Silverlode Alliance
Want to raid more? TLA is not alone in wishing to maintain our distinct identity as a kinship, but sometimes want the opportunity to perform in group events more often than may be scheduled. TLA has joined the Silverlode Alliance; a group of like-minded kinships cooperating to create additional raiding events. To participate, please register on:

Please note that Alliance events are generally considered PG-17 events due to occasional language and attitudes that may arise which we [TLA] have no control over.

Conflict Resolution
At some point in time we all have our share of disagreements. If something should happen to escalate beyond a friendly argument, please refrain from airing it on public or kinship channels. If you are unable to resolve the matter together, please contact an officer to act as mediator.

Will not be tolerated. Members found to be doing so may be expelled from the Kinship pending investigation and confirmation of the accusation.

If a member deliberately acts against the code of conduct or in a way that is harmful to another person, this kinship, or the game in general, they will be subject to a private review which may result in a warning or dismissal from the kinship.

I hope The Lost Army becomes your enjoyable home in Middle Earth.

Now, let's get lost together.... grinning smiley

Noobo - Leader of The Lost Army

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