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Leader since May 2013

Sept 2009 to May 2013
Mar 2008 to Sept 2009
Jul 2007 to Dec 2007
Sukartiz, Founder
Dec 2006 to Jul 2007

Dec 2007 to Mar 2008

Active Officers:
Noobo, Havoc, Gilthorn, Tunisia, Arrownock, Mikey
updated 16 Jun 2013

xx TLA now on facebook and on the LOTRO Landroval Server! | 01 Aug 15
13:00:15 by noobo | Views: 7023 | Comments: 0

Since Silverlode closed, The Lost Army has found itself on the
Landroval Server
Also, Havoc set up a TLA group on facebook, so look it up and ask one of us for an invite!   8)

xx Attention LOTRO Homeowners | 18 Aug 13
20:48:38 by noobo | Views: 7688 | Comments: 4

...or rather, FORMER homeowners, as Turbine decided to clean things up in preparation for Housing 2.0 and foreclosed on any slackers not up on their rent payments (including myself, apparently, as I now have a load of furniture from some kinhouse Suka and I forgot about... can I interest you in some gently pre-owned trophies from Moria?) :-/ So, if you now find yourself in the market for some Middle Earth real estate and a hobbit-hole of your very own, I'd like to suggest the Elmnook neighborhood of The Shire, which currently houses a few classy tenants from TLA, and features the TLA Shire Pub for all your local kinhouse needs. Those who prefer above-ground living with sharply-rectangular doors and windows may be interested in the Ramsward neighborhood of Breeland Homesteads, centered on the TLA Kinhouse, but you will be stuck with having Old Man Havoc for a neighbor! These properties are really moving, so buy now while you have the cha...

xx VENT-O-THON 2012 VICTORY!! | 13 Aug 12
12:19:38 by noobo | Views: 6587 | Comments: 0

The Mayan calendar predicted the end of TLA's Vent in 2012... but the Maya didn't have TLA's membership!! TLA's Vent has successfully been renewed until Nov 2014 (!!!) thanks to Arrownock, Khaern, Estell, Havoc, Sukartiz, and Noobo.
Awesome job, all!! 8)  If you still wish to help out, payments to extend our server time can still be made here: https://cp.light-speed.com/group-pay.php?SID=MDAwNjM1ODY6MDAwNTc4MjY=
Now that we have it, let's use it! The Lost Army uses Ventrilo for all of its voice communication needs and is open to all TLA members and their friends. See the following for more info: http://www.thelostarmy.com/index.php?topic=318.0

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